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Love Your Life with Less Challenge

Love Your Life with Less Challenge

The Love Your Life with Less Challenge starts on Tuesday 11th May

Join me for 3 days that will inspire and motivate you to start your journey (or get back on track) towards a more sustainable, purposeful and joyful life.

I believe we all have a role to play in tackling the climate and ecological crises we’re facing. I also know that we can enrich our lives by doing so. 

The essence of sustainable living is living with less. Buy less stuff = use less resources + produce less waste. And the journey to less can give us so much more! 

💚  More time for ourselves and those we love. 

💚  More headspace to discover our purpose - and follow it. 

💚  More money to spend on what really matters - having experiences and creating memories.

I know first hand how much of a difference this mindset shift can have on our sense of fulfilment, our enjoyment of life and our motivation to keep doing what needs to be done. 

This is why I’ve created the Love Your Life with Less Challenge.

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5 Modules

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All you need to know about the challenge

Day 1 - Slow

Day one is all about embracing slowness and putting your needs first.

Day 2 - Simple

Today we're talking about living with more intention and how to focus your efforts.

Day 3 - Sustainable

Today is all about living more sustainably and enjoying a life with less.

Your feedback

When you complete the challenge, pop in here to let me know how you got on.

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